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Showman's Show and the Youth Music Awards

Wednesday started wet and drippy and it just got worse. Lucky it was then that I had the pleasure of attending the Showman's Show and my first Youth Music Awards as a trustee.

The awards were great. I was a judge this year so had already had a sneak at some of the amazing talent on display. All the performances were brilliant, but special shout out to three time winner (!) Eva and my personal fave of the night Yv Shells.

I've not really been to an awards show of that scale before, so it was a nice treat to chat with guests, nominees and fellow trustees and catch up with a load of firends old and new.

Speaking of which, this lovely evening was preceded by a day of meetings and discussions with loads of friends and collegaues from around the events sustainability world.

Chris Johnson opening the Sustainable Events Summit

The Showman's show hosted this year's Sustainable Event Summit, featuring a range of topics including data reporting, impact measurments and more. There was a great keynote from Cathy Runciman from Earth Percent, and it was nice to spend a morning which ended on a roundtable with six very familiar faces it was fab to discuss food strategy and policy. I rounded off the visit with my first meeting with the Inclusive Music Consotrtium, who I will be sharing more about soon.

Finally a shout out to my wonderful colleague James (pictured with me above) who ended up doing himself a mischeif and kindly limped his way up the red carpet with me for a photo. Not bad for a man that just helped delivered Cheltenham Literature festival for 17 days straight - I was surprised he was standing at all.

Plenty of conferences coming up, and looking forward to everything ahead,

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