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Consultancy, but make it autistic

When we think about neurodiversity in the workplace we usually think of HR or recruitment processes, but what happens if we try to reverse the traditional notion of what it is to be autistic in a professional environment?

Autism can be difficult to understand, and even more so when trying to quantify a tangible skillset that could benefit an organisation. This business aims to apply neurodivergent perspectives as critical and valuable attributes in exploring innovative and unique solutions.

Hello there

I am autistic, have lived in Gloucestershire most of my life and worked almost 30 years in culture, charity, academia and politics. I understand the multifaceted challenges faced by organisations in successfully implementing meaningful, impactful change.

I am a freelancer and currently work for Cheltenham Festivals as Innovation Manager, Senior Academic at the University of Gloucestershire, Facilitator for the Cheltenham Culture Board as well as a professional musician. I work with national organisations to progress equitable and sustainability policy and practice.


With limitless enthusiasm and ruthless efficiency I enjoy working with organisations who are committed to prioritising restorative and accessible practice beyond statutory frameworks. 

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