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This section is about having a clear vision of the processes by which decisions are made and how they are implemented (or not implemented) for your event.

Good governance will often be a deciding factor in whether your event plan will meet environmental targets or not.

Likely to promote sustainability:

• An assigned role to lead on sustainability
• Engaging local environmental networks
• Putting a sustainability plan in place
• Monitoring and recording your event emissions
• Understanding the likely environmental impacts of your event

Food & Drink

Food and drink policies can help define the environmental impacts of your traders/concessions onsite at your events.


These can be informed by a policy informed by recognised standards, a plan in place to reduce or repurpose leftover food, or even asking traders to reduce the amount of meat/dairy options on their menus.

Likely to have a positive impact:

• Aim to reduce meat & dairy consumption onsite
• Establish a F&D policy with recognised standards
• Eliminate food waste, repurpose left-over edible food


The energy hierarchy helps us to consider the type of power we might use alongside the requirement for its provision.

The reduction of CO2e from energy use at events is a significant factor in reducing the overall production of greenhouse gases produced, and ultimately the carbon footprint of the event.

High levels of these gases have led to the greenhouse effect, causing average temperatures to rise and the climate to change.

Likely to improve carbon footprint:

• Improving insulation in venues
• Installing LED lighting
• Behaviour change - switching off equipment
• Monitoring heating & refrigeration processes
• Reducing the amount of heat-waste produced
• Renewable energy generation

Materials & Waste

This is about the impact your event might have through materials and waste management.


A well-designed strategy has a full ranged approach to all aspects of procurement and waste processes that will be used to deliver your event.

Likely to have a positive impact:

• Avoid Waste
• Prioritise resuse
• Increase recycling
• Promote and label waste streams clearly onsite

Travel & Transportation

This section is about whether this event will support a transition from unsustainable transport to sustainable alternatives, and whether this is informed by policies/strategies that may be in place for your event.

This can also include considerations in preparing for future changes in travel - for example locating events within a 15-minute walking or cycling radius or close to public transport links and infrastructure.

Likely to support sustainable travel:

• Promoting cycling and walking infrastructure
• Keeping events close to communities
• Communicating public transport options
• Installing cycle racks or signposting nearby EV


Water has to be recognised as a scarce and vital resource.


Changes in rainfall driven by a changing climate, alongside population growth, are predicted to lead to supply and demand deficits across England and parts of Scotland and Wales by 2050, becoming widespread by the 2080’s.

Likely to have a positive impact:

• Implementation of a water plan
• Establish water policy with suppliers and traders
• Understanding cubic meter consumption

Positive Influence

This is about how you can inspire positive change in behaviour with audiences, artists, supply chain and other partners through your event.


This can be done by developing partnerships and/or including creative programming on environment and climate themes as part of your plans. You could also consider investing in positive climate, nature and social impacts.

Likely to increase positive influence:

• Including or communicating environmental themes as part of your programme
• Promoting sustainable travel choices with artists and audiences
• Making resources available where appropriate
• Have a green admin/procurement policy

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