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Another bite of the Donut: Cheltenham Zero announce funding and mentor scheme with

Fantastic news to share in that funding has been approved for a project that will form part of the Net Zero Accelerator programme offered by CheltenhamZero - a project of charity Vision 21 Gloucestershire Ltd. and Cheltenham Borough Council.

This project secures some serious benefits in particular for local venues and public spaces involved in a town-wide accessibility and sustainability audit, who will receive an enhanced review of their practice in these areas which will be followed up with mentoring sessions to help them adjust practice in a meaningful and impactful way

  • Sustainability audits for local venues using the Donut toolkit

  • Mentoring sessions for grant recipients at project delivery stage (March 2024 – March 2025)

Another great win for a combined, cohesive approach to applying national standard frameworks within Cheltenham, and facilitated by the fantastic sustainability community that we have in our town.

This funding also represents a great opportunity for those involved to take action - which is deliberately designed as part of project delivery in order to help Cheltenham (and our wider economy) meet it's sustainability commitments in a measured and practical way. More than this Cheltenham Zero has set up a scheme offering free support from local sustainability experts - including myself!

It's a great group to be involved in and would heartedly recommend you connecting with any of the lovely people in the graphic below if you'd like to be more involved in combined efforts around Cheltenham:

The funded work will go on to feed into a wider national pilot scheme, designed to establish a series of accessibility and sustainability standards through local authorities, placing Cheltenham at the front of the sector in driving the economy into a more inclusive and regenerative space. And what a great community to get to work with as part of the support scheme :)

If you would like to know more about this project feel free to get in touch using

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