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Disabled Musician Roster: Consultation Open

Slide deck cover for the Disabled Artist Roster consulation overview

I am working with the incredible Continental Drifts to establish a roster of disabled artists to perform at UK events and festivals.

We are currently consulting with a wide range of organisations in shaping the application process, so the roster (and it's processes) are co-designed with the community before we start recruitment. We've recevied some great feedback already from the MU's Disabled Musician Network and Next Stage and Future Leaders programmes.

The consulation is open to everyone, but we're particularly looking for more musicians and performers with lived experience to feed into the consultation to help us make it the best it can be before we open applications.

There are audio, easy read, alt colouration and formats of this consulation included below - please share far and wide.

Consultation closes on February 29th

CD Disabled Roster Overview
Download PDF • 2.25MB

Download PDF • 51KB

CD Roster - Text Only
Download PDF • 45KB

CD Roster - Text Only RED
Download PDF • 52KB

CD Roster - Text Only BLUE
Download PDF • 52KB

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