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Introducing: The Sustainable Development Doughnut

Uniting the UN Sustainable Development Goals with Doughnut Economics

The Sustainable Development Doughnut

We are proud to present a new free-to-use toolkit, the Sustainable Development Doughnut. This toolkit allows any idea or project to be assessed quickly and easily against the UN Sustainable Development Goals using an interpreted doughnut economics perspective.

This toolkit is designed to be used by various stakeholders, including individuals, businesses, schools, governments, and NGOs, to assess whether their projects align with the SDGs or not, and make necessary changes to create more sustainable projects.

The United Nations sustainable development goals (SDGs) are a way forward for humanity. They provide a blueprint for the world to achieve sustainable development, reduce poverty and inequality, and create a better future for all.

Doughnut economics is a framework that considers the earth’s ecological boundaries and the social foundation that we need to provide for every person on the planet to live a good life. It aims to create a sustainable and just economy that works for all people and the planet.

As such the UN SDGs and doughnut economics complement each other in many ways: the goals provide a clear vision for what we need to achieve, and donut economics provides a framework for how we can achieve this vision.

This project delivers a toolkit that can help realise this vision, producing data, information, and guidance for the user.

You can download the toolkit below

SDG Donut Tool
Download XLSX • 296KB

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