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Looking forward to the year ahead

I’m not sure how many businesses start on Twitter, but this one certainly did.

Following a semi-thoughtless tweet about a new website I found myself on the local BBC radio station talking about setting up a neurodiverse consultancy that focuses on sustainable and accessible business and events practice.

The reality is that I’ve been in business for over a year already, providing independent advice and consultation to organisations around the festival and events sector. I’ve worked with a number of local authority and community partnerships already, alongside some of the amazing events and festivals we have across the UK.

I found myself too busy to take on new work, so started sub-contracting project delivery within my network so that I was able to stay focussed on developing new research and data. This focus has been to combine national frameworks into adaptable templates that could bring about a much-increased pace of change within our existing economic structures from a grassroots political level.

When it came to reviewing and auditing my work to date two themes were impossible to ignore: neurodiversity and Gloucestershire. This is what motivated me to capture this work as part of a consultancy: I would be able to highlight accessible and sustainable projects coming to our county, but also to encourage others around the UK to see the brilliant, innovative and highly networked professional community we enjoy in Gloucestershire.

And all through the lense of neurodiversity.

The agency will look to present staff team, clients and initial projects in February

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